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SJM believes new gaming concessions to have 10-year term

Management at SJM Holdings told Goldman Sachs that they expect the duration of concessions terms to be around ten years.  SJM management made the comments...

Macau gambling operators give little away in public consultation

Macau gambling operators attended a public consultation session on the proposed draft gambling law, although if they have any concerns they didn’t express them.
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Beijing given chance to reset the table in Macau: Lee

The latest developments in relation to Macau’s gaming concession retendering process has given a chance for Beijing to “reset the table” in respect to the makeup of Chinese vs American casino companies in Macau.
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Investors lulled into “false sense of security” on Macau 

Signs China is tightening its grip on Macau triggered a record sell off in the six operator stocks, although the latest edict shouldn’t have come as a surprise.
Macau diversification debate focuses on finance

Macau stock reaction may be overdone: Deutsche Bank

The record selloff in Macau operator stocks paints "a far more ominous picture than the reality of what has, or has not changed," Deutsche Bank said in a note.

U.S. casino stocks fall as Macau announces more oversight

Macau government has proposed more government oversight of gaming companies as part of its consultation paper released yesterday for public review. 

Macau mulls concession numbers, to scrap sub-concessions

Macau has released its long-awaited consultation paper on the gaming industry, saying it proposes revising the number of concessions and abandoning the current system of sub-concessions.

Government silent on concession renewals

The Macau government is coming under increasing pressure to announce a delay to the retendering of its casino concessions, as the clock ticks for the city’s six operators with no visibility over the process.

Beijing pressure on VIP raises doubt on Macau’s return to pre-pandemic revenue

Macau lawmakers caught on that China's policies will have a direct impact on how Macau runs its gaming/ VIP, and on the revenue the government can expect.
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Should Beijing’s economic rampage concern Macau?

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho says he’s not expecting any nasty surprises from the upcoming concession renewals in Macau, although stock market investors are not so sure.