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Kelsey Wilhelm is a broadcast, print journalist and editor based in Asia for over 15 years. Focused on content creation, management, cross-cultural exchange and interviews for multi-lingual productions. Writing focus on gaming, business, politics, culture and heritage, events and celebrities, subcultures, music, film, art and fashion. Some of Kelsey's specialties are: editing, writing, copy creation, multi-lingual content production, cross-cultural exchange, content creation and management for Asian markets.

Tapping into Asia: Pronet Gaming is humble and ready to thrive

As it sets its focus on the Philippines, Pronet Gaming is aiming to humbly tap into the Asian market and leverage the successes it's seen in Africa and LatAm, but with a keen focus on regional nuance. CEO Alex Leese describes why the company can be a boost to large international firms wishing to move in on the space, and its hope to ramp up operations within nine months.

“Ready for the AI revolution”: Sportradar aims to change the game...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve at breakneck speed, with all eyes in the gaming industry focused on its various applications. While many are zoomed in only on improving margins and maximizing profit, some companies, like Sportradar, are taking a wholistic approach – leveraging the technology across multiple platforms to create an adaptive and reactive experience that goes far beyond simple sports betting – while still improving margins.

Under the Scope: Chinese outflows – how do punters move their...

How do punters get their money out of China? With strict capital outflow measures in place, Chinese punters aiming to spend large amounts overseas face a quandary but aren’t limited to illegal options when it comes to how to transfer their funds. Gaming veteran Ben Lee points out some avenues that players use to get that money from here to there.

Esports: what are you missing out on, and how can you...

Esports is earning its place in the sports betting world, as punters from an increasingly younger demographic choose to bet on something they see themselves playing. But onboarding these customers requires the correct terminology, understanding and outreach – with traditional marketing tactics flying out the window. Shikenso Analytics’ Benedikt Becker tells AGB exactly how corporations should be tapping into the multi-billion-dollar market.

Call for closure of POGOs within three months

The Philippine Committee on Ways and Means is calling for three-month phaseout of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), while calling for the payment of unpaid taxes and deportation of foreign POGO workers.

Under the Scope: Singapore money laundering and the Bangladesh Bank heist

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? The recent bust by Singaporean authorities of a billion-dollar-plus laundering ring begs the question of how intricately the finances were tied to gambling within Asia. In particular, questions industry expert Ben Lee, “could (some of) the Singapore money be a result of the Bangladesh bank scam?”

Cloud and AI are indispensable for gaming, land-based is 20 years...

The casino industry is facing a turning point, with data as king. Earle G. Hall notes that any land-based operator who isn’t utilizing the trifecta of cloud services, big data and AI are bound to be left in the dust, as online is already 20 years ahead. Both regulators and operators stand to benefit from the shift, as demographics change and rules have yet to be written.

Under the Scope: INSPIRE facing a tough road to growth

American gaming group Mohegan is eagerly awaiting its first venture into Asia: the multi-billion-dollar INSPIRE integrated resort, located in Incheon, South Korea. But gaming veteran Ben Lee points out that the property, set to open in the fourth quarter, could be facing more turbulence than it’s expecting, and not just due to backdrafts from the nearby airport.

Genting well-poised for NYC gaming license, with annual GGR of $500mln:...

Analysts at Maybank say that the new momentum in the United States is proving highly beneficial for Genting Malaysia. The group points out the main benefit is the processing of three commercial casino licenses in New York state, which ‘has resumed, which we gather favors’ Genting Malaysia.

Crypto adoption is key for the growth of the iGaming industry

The crypto boom continues, with particular benefits for the iGaming sector, as it facilitates payments quickly and at low cost. But despite the benefits, FinchPay COO Ana Schultz points out that companies are still slower to adopt, investing more resources into providing fiat options than relying on blockchain solutions.