Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How new technologies can help keep customers loyal

New technologies are able to power innovation in customer loyalty programs, and drive revenues, though not many casinos are using them to their full potential. 

Skill-based slots similar to when TITO took over coins. It’ll take time

Earlier this month, Asia Gaming Brief reached out to two skill-based slot manufacturers to understand what happened to skill-based slots after all the hype that surrounded them in 2019. In today’s Face-to-Face interview, Asia Gaming Brief editor Felix Ng further explores some of the issues raised in the article with Michael Darley, CEO of Next Gaming.

Macau gaming law tweaks seen as little more than a bandaid

Macau legislators proposed two key amendments to the city’s gaming law bill this week, but both are seen as short-term patches that do little to help solve some of the larger issues facing the industry.

“White-labeling” blurring boundaries between illegal/legal sites: ARF

The increasing popularity of “white-labeling” services is blurring the distinction between legal and illegal online gambling sites, particularly in Asia, and is a key concern, the Asia Racing Federation said.

Shipping problem persists, with Shanghai lockdown impact to come

Global shipping and supply chains are still far from normal following the initial disruptions from the Covid pandemic and logistics companies are bracing for another likely hit from the gridlock in Shanghai’s port.

Political two-step begins following change of Philippines president

The political jockeying that historically has followed presidential elections in the Philippines may have already begun in the casino industry with Bloomberry Resorts announcing it’s investing in two PH Travel and Resorts properties.
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China VIP marketing a “dark art” that will return despite challenges

The global VIP business was in the spotlight again this week, with former Star Entertainment CEO Matt Bekier describing running the sector as being a “dark art.”
ASEAN Gaming Summit, Philippines, 2022

Philippines seen as epicenter for gaming growth in 2022

The Philippines is expected to become the epicenter for gaming industry growth this year, driven by new property openings, the flourishing of domestic-remote gaming, and a surge of revenge travelers never seen before. 
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Asia swipes right to quarantine-free travel [Infographic]

There are signs that after two years of being battered by lockdowns and quarantine, borders in Asia are starting to open up again, aiming to boost the tourism industry.
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Micro-influencers gain prominence in Hoiana brand marketing

Vietnam’s Hoiana resort, whose grand opening has been pushed back due to the pandemic, is finally welcoming tourists again and Chief Marketing Officer Jit Ng sees strong potential in the country’s tourism market once restrictions are fully lifted.
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Macau labor woes in focus as junkets/satellites shed staff

Macau’s efforts to diversify its economy and tourism base are being hampered by employment issues, which may get worse as operators come under pressure to absorb workers shed from satellite casinos and junkets. 
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Central regulation, tax changes needed to aid India gaming growth: UKIBC

Meghalaya and Sikkim are the two most gambling-friendly states in India’s rapidly expanding market, although overall the country would benefit from central legislation and an improved tax structure, according to a report by the U.K. India Business Council (UKIBC).
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XB Net seeks further India expansion after North Alley accord [podcast]

XB Net is keen to further expand its presence in India's growing horse racing industry, which since the pandemic has been allowed to go online, creating major opportunities. Senior Vice President International Simon Fraser tells us about the company's recent tie-up with India's North Alley to provide streaming and wagering services from the U.S. and Australia.
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Shaking off Macau’s gaming image needs more time and money

Macau will need to work harder to shake off its gaming-centric image in China, but the road will be long and capital-intensive, and may not be top of mind as the industry struggles through its third year of the pandemic.
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Tekkorp bets on change in Australia, sees more global igaming M&A 

Tekkorp Capital is seeking to shake up Australia’s sports betting industry with an investment in a new venture, that also combines entertainment giant News Corp and industry visionary Matt Tripp. In this week’s Face-to-Face interview, Tekkorp CEO Matt Davey tells us that although the Australian market has been booming, there’s room for more competition and innovation.
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Wakayama upset further clouds Japan’s IR prospects

The field of candidates for an integrated resort (IR) license in Japan has been whittled down to just two, with some observers saying that even those are not a certainty in the highly unpredictable process.