Macau economy to contract, no clear prospects: UM study

The University of Macau Center for Macau Studies and the Department of Economics forecasts that the economy is likely to contract between 26.4 to 29.2 percent for the 2022 fiscal year. Local society "continues to see no clear prospects, effective economic recovery may be a long way off," the study cautions.

Banning POGOs not an option, special zones the answer: Senator

Philippines House, Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Senator Joey Salceda, argues that “the solution to illegal POGO is not to close down all POGOs. Instead, operations should be remitted to special POGO-specific economic zones, allowing the government to benefit from the income while insulating the industry from the rest of the country.

Star Entertainment prioritizes licenses in NSW and QLD

Forward-looking into 2023, Star Entertainment management’s focus will be on the Remediation and transformation, a strong commitment to demonstrating suitability to hold casino licenses in New South Wales and Queensland.

PAGCOR cancels 175 POGO permits, repatriates 3,000 Chinese nationals

Philippines National Bureau of Investigation is abrest with unceasing reports of POGOs that no longer have permits to operate or their permits have been revoked by PAGCOR, leading to increased strain on the ongoing crackdown and repatriation efforts of some 3,000 Chinese nationals. 

Major anti-gambling crackdowns reported from Cambodia, Thailand

In a recent crackdown, Police busted major anti-gambling activities across Cambodia and Thailand, arresting more than 550 plus illegal immigrants in Cambodia and 40 suspects in Thailand. Operations to crack illegal gambling activities have been strengthened across the ASEAN region, especially in the geography of the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Total POGO ban divides Philippines Senate

Proposing to absolutely ban the POGOs will have divided views among senators, Minority Leader says. China Embassy is organizing the repatriation of the first batch of detainees. Activists call for fair treatment of foreign workers as OFW would expect abroad.

Junkets gone, MICE not the answer, what else for Macau?

A panel of gaming insiders and analysts, including Alidad Tash, Vitaly Umansky, and Jorge Costa Oliveira, brainstormed the future of Macau in a session hosted by Macau Business and the France Macau Chamber of Commerce titled “Macau Gaming at Crossroads: The Public Tender and Beyond.”
Madras, India

Indian government losing millions in tax revenue due to non-licensed offshore lotteries

An alarming increase in Offshore lotteries is a major cause of concern for many Indian state governments as it causes revenue leakage from state coffers. Despite many stern measures taken by the state governments to prevent it, offshore lotteries remain largely prevalent, writes industry insider Jaydeep Chakravartty.

26 Capital Jason Ader moves past ‘learning experiences,’ eyes listing, PAGCOR privatization, and ASEAN expansion

Jason Ader, 26 Acquisition Capital Corp Chairman and CEO, spoke on Tuesday with Asia Gaming Brief about moving forward from the 'learning experiences' of Okada Manila's recent saga. The plan is to raise capital via NASDAQ listing and expand the company's footprint in the Philippines via PAGCOR's privatization, as well as abroad, fuelled by US investors' growing appetite for the development of IR projects across the ASEAN markets.
Genting Skyworlds, Malaysia

MBS be warned! A tale of two Genting(s) – Part II

Senior industry executive and author Daniel Cheng shares Part II of his on-the-ground insight into Singapore's colossal operations and how the tables might turn, as the venerable Malaysia resort recruits ex-MBS industry juggernaut, Andrew MacDonald, to lead the charge.
Genting Malaysia, Skyworlds

A tale of two Genting(s) – Part I of II

Senior industry executive and author Daniel Cheng shares his on-the-ground insights into Singapore's two colossal operations and how the tables might turn as the venerable Genting Malaysia resort outperforms its cosmopolitan peer for the first time.

PAGCOR Chair considers online, landbased regulatory role, requests “time to study” before committing to...

Newly appointed Chairman and Chief Executive, Alejandro Tengco, has requested "time to study" PAGCOR regulator-cum-operator roles before considering the privatization of the 40 casinos the agency runs across the country.

PAGCOR privatization back on the cards, call to resolve ‘conflicting’ roles

Philippines Department of Finance called out to demystify PAGCOR “conflicting” roles as regulator and suggesting the privatization of Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation casino assets, raising funds towards the country’s economic recovery. 

VUCA times having a polarizing effect in Mainland China

We have entered a phase of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) which seems not to end anytime soon. However, “the situation in China seems to move ever faster towards either an epiphany or a satori,” writes COTRI Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt.

Macau not coming back; opportunity lies in ASEAN: Angela HanLee, Bloomberg Intelligence

With Macau steadily dropping and not expecting to make a return above 30 percent of pre-pandemic figures before the end of 2023, other IR opportunities are picking up across the ASEAN region, Bloomberg Intelligence Angela HanLee argues.
MGM Resorts-Osaka

MGM reiterates Japan as the largest “untapped” markets

MGM Resorts Japan president, Ed Bowers, remains bullish over the potential of the Japanese market envisaging the possibility of Japan emerging as a “great gaming market”, despite the tight regulatory framework.