Bloomberry COO: focus on people and product cornerstones of profitability

The President and Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberry Resorts, Thomas Arasi, says that the focus on its people and its product naturally lead to profitability. The group aims to create a “Filipino talent pool that is second to none globally”, including additional training to prepare for the opening of its latest property – Solaire Resort North – in May. Check out some key highlights from the executive’s keynote speech at the ASEAN Gaming Summit:

00:10 – Opening remarks.

01:50 – Overcoming COVID’s unprecedented challenges.

02:40 – The story of Solaire Resort and Bloomberry – the ambition to become a beacon of Filipino excellence.

04:24 – Solaire Resort North is more than a milestone.

05:01 – What is Solaire’s secret sauce? At the heart of success lies a simple philosophy: people, product, profit.

06:15 – Remarkable service organizations prioritize their customers and their frontline employees. Investment in people, supportive technology, effective recruitment, training and performance-related compensation are the critical drivers of profitability in service industries.

09:56 – The cornerstone of success is putting people first. Solaire has increased investment in training – focused on both soft and hard skills, aiming to create a Filipino talent pool that is second to none globally.

12:02 – “Soulaire” is a learning and engagement philosophy to serve with heart and soul. It combines multimedia learning, hands-on training and opportunities to interact with departments, executives and leaders within the organization.

12:51 – Prior to the opening of Solaire Resort North, Solaire has integrated an additional three months of intensive training and simulations, ensuring the excellence in service standards is elevated.

14:00 – Critical Assistance Fund: not only a financial resource, it’s a family commitment.

15:25 – After people, comes the product. The group benefits from powerful repeat business and positive word of mouth are key drivers of profitability in the IR industry.

17:15 – The group is on the path to achieving ISO22000 certification, the new gold standard in food safety.

18:11 – Leveraging over a decade of experience and insights ahead of the opening of Solaire Resort North allows even more enhancements to service and product offerings. “You can’t be perfect, but you must be a perfectionist”.

19:00 – Video with timelapse of construction of Solaire Resort North.

20:03 – Putting excellence first, success and profitability ensue. Closing thanks.