Friday, September 24, 2021
Macau vaccinations

Asia rocketing ahead with vaccinations

The Covid-19 Delta strain has proven that despite strict lockdowns and border closures, it's near impossible for countries to completely eliminate outbreaks. 
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Macau operators’ market share shuffle [Infographic]

In August, Macau's six gaming concessionaires and sub-concessionaires filed their second-quarter results, rounding off a three-month period of mixed fortunes. 
Yokohama mayoral race

Yokohama mayoral race, who’s your bet on? [Infographic]

The mayoral race for Yokohama is entering its final stretch this week. We take a look at the eight candidates in the running and their chances to securing the city's top spot.

In-person gaming conferences making a comeback

After nearly two years of tough lockdowns, travel restrictions, and quarantine periods, we’re pleased to have begun to see the return of the much-missed in-person conferences for both land-based and igaming industries alike. 
Cruise Ships Crisis

Learning from future pandemic-proof cruise ships [Infographic]

An estimated 30 million passengers are transported on nearly 300 cruise ships per year. However, the cruise industry is already adapting to a post-pandemic new normal and is already in the designing stages of new cruise liners. Our infographic today summarises some of the key features of these new cruise liners.

Size of illegal market highlighted at Euro 2020 [Infographic]

The UEFA European Championship (Euro 2020) has re-highlighted the plight of governments and authorities in fighting against illegal online gambling.
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Race for herd immunity [Infographic]

There is no conversation about post-covid recovery without a discussion about the vaccine rollout and eventual global herd immunity. 
Chinese luxury sales

What’s happening to Chinese luxury sales? [Infographic]

Whilst global luxury sales fell as much as 20 percent in 2020, China's luxury market bucked the trend, growing a whopping 50 percent in the same year to around CNY356 billion (US$55.2 billion), according to reports. 
Digital Yuan

Digital Yuan: Did you know? [Infographic]

The use of the digital yuan as a valid currency in Mainland China has been seen as a potential "game-changer" for Macau by overhauling its cross-border payment systems, which would significantly reduce the need for junkets, according to industry observers. 
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Macau gaming industry recovery underway [Infographic]

Whilst first quarter GGR in 2021 still showed negative year-on-year growth, the truth is that the Macau gross gaming revenue recovery is well and truly underway.