Thursday, December 2, 2021

Macau’s visitors shopping more than gambling

Macau’s rising visitation is having an impact that is roughly three times larger on retail sales than gross gambling revenue, in part reflecting the changing visitor profile. 


MGM Resorts Intl CFO says junket decline won’t have dramatic impact

MGM Resorts International CFO Jonathan Halkyard says the company does not believe the most recent blow to the junket industry will have a dramatic impact on MGM’s operations in Macau

Melco Resorts says recent junket developments are a risk for its properties

Melco Resorts and Entertainment says that the recent developments concerning Macau’s junket and VIP space is a signal of increased risks for operators, whilst Covid-19 continues to have a material effect on its operations.

Duterte’s preferred candidate withdraws from Presidential race

President Rodrigo Duterte’s preferred candidate to succeed him in the Philippines’ presidential elections has withdrawn from the race, leaving a question mark over who will get the current administration’s support.

Alvin Chau probe focused on online gambling overseas

The investigation into Suncity Group boss Alvin Chau and 10 others centres on the establishment of an online gambling platform overseas that was being used to target Mainland patrons.


Asia Gaming Briefings – November 2021 Edition

Lack of detail in the proposed amendments to Macau’s gaming legislation left the market to speculate on the government’s intentions, with disastrous effects. The subsequent round of public consultation came and went leaving the industry with even more questions and few answers.