Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Online M&A likely to pick up pace in U.S. as costs rise [video]

2022 is likely to be marked by more mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. as companies scale up to grab market share and carry the burden of rising customer acquisition costs, according to Tom Waterhouse, founder of venture capital firm Waterhouse V.C.

Full recovery in Macau mass market not likely before 2024 [video]

Macau’s operators are likely to face another choppy year in 2022, with visitation expected to stay at low levels as the pandemic drags on, says Fitch Ratings analyst Colin Mansfield. As a result, full recovery in Macau's mass market is not expected until 2024.

Junket demise may spark capital flows to move online [video]

Macau’s junket model is likely dead and the city faces a painful period of economic transition, although the vast amounts of capital that flowed out of China for gambling is still likely to find an exit and online is expected to be the key beneficiary. 

What will Macau do with all that VIP space? [video]

As Macau continues to shift away from the once-lucrative junket / VIP market, many operators are contemplating what to do with all of their now empty VIP-focused gaming rooms and facilities. 

Suncity case raises broad questions for Macau gaming [video]

The arrest of Suncity Group head Alvin Chau has likely put the final nail in the coffin for the junket industry, at least in Macau, but the potential fallout goes far wider.

Asia’s frontier markets bouncing back [video]

Asia’s frontier markets have seen mixed fortunes this year from an investment perspective, with Mongolia the best-performing in the world and Vietnam also a stand-out. However, ASEAN countries are lagging.

Macau operators confident of pent-up demand when restrictions lift [video]

Macau's six operators have just finalized another earnings round, with the figures badly affected by Covid travel restrictions in 3Q21. Despite predictions that the quarter would be a washout, Morningstar analyst Jennifer Song tells us they weren't as bad as she had expected.

Japan’s three IR candidates not all guaranteed winners

Japan’s three IR license candidates are preparing their plans to submit to the central government for consideration next year, with the coast now looking clear from any potential political hiccups, such as the one that derailed Yokohama’s aspirations in August.

Cambodia casinos poised for growth as borders reopen

Cambodia’s casinos have reopened and are seeing lower headcounts due to travel restrictions, but are being supported by a higher quality of player, says Loren Stout, CEO and co-founder of Dragons Point Live.

Dr. Brett Abarbanel on blurred lines between gambling and gaming

In this face-to-face talk, Dr. Brett Abarbanel gives her thoughts on the cross-over between video games, gamification, and gambling games.