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Founder and Director of COTRI China Outbound Tourism Institute. He first visited the People’s Republic of China in 1978. From 1991-1999, he owned Inbound Tour Operator China-Europe.

VUCA times having a polarizing effect in Mainland China

We have entered a phase of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) which seems not to end anytime soon. However, “the situation in China seems to move ever faster towards either an epiphany or a satori,” writes COTRI Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt.

Climate change bigger than Covid

Prof. Wolfgang argues that climate change, not the virus will be the challenge for the coming decades. The head of COTRI expects the end of the pandemic in 2022 or else.

Wolfgang G. Arlt: China neighbors seen as first port of 2021...

At the end of this annus horribilis, after so much hardship and so much obedience demonstrated by societies in lockdown around the world, we are all entitled to a nice Christmas present and the prospect of a better tomorrow.