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Jaydeep Chakravartty is an iGaming Consultant and has worked with some of the leading gaming businesses worldwide. Jaydeep worked with Markor Technology (earlier Nektan PLC) as Vice President of Commercials and expanded Markor’s reach in established and emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Before Markor, Jaydeep worked with Ingenuity Gaming since their foray into eGaming.

Indian government proposes online gaming regulatory body

A panel comprised of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s top bureaucrats recommended the implementation of a regulatory body governing online gaming in a much-awaited report which will shape the future of the gaming industry in the country.

Indian government losing millions in tax revenue due to non-licensed offshore...

An alarming increase in Offshore lotteries is a major cause of concern for many Indian state governments as it causes revenue leakage from state coffers. Despite many stern measures taken by the state governments to prevent it, offshore lotteries remain largely prevalent, writes industry insider Jaydeep Chakravartty.

India online market holds breath pending potentially “catastrophic” GST ruling

India is mulling a proposal  to hike the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on online gaming from 18 percent to 28 percent in a move that would be catastrophic for the emerging industry, writes Jaydeep Chakravartty.

India advertising guidelines welcome for gaming industry development

The Indian government’s recent advisory to print, electronic and digital media not to accept ads from online gambling platforms is a welcome move that won’t affect legal skill-based gaming, writes i-gaming consultant Jaydeep Chakravartty.