Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Number of online gamblers in Australia doubled since 2010

A two-year gambling study in Australia has revealed that the number of online gamblers has doubled in the past decade. 
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China warns Cambodia over online gambling operations

Cambodia online gaming industry is once again in China cross hairs, with a senior government official making a thinly veiled threat that the two country’s economic ties might be at risk if action isn’t taken.

China, Cambodia sign agreement to continue law enforcement cooperation

China’s Minister of Public Security and Cambodia’s Minister of Interior on Tuesday have agreed to continue strengthening their existing cooperation to stamp out cross-border crimes, including illegal online gambling, online scams and drug trafficking.

Delta plans to raise up to $50m to expand online unit

India’s Delta Corp. is planning to raise between $30 million and $50 million to support the growth of its online unit. Delta Chief Financial Officer...

Esports betting wagers to hit $8 billion in 2021

Esports betting is on pace to reach up to $8 billion in wagers in 2021, equating to around $560 million in revenue, according to...
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China renews pressure on Cambodia to stamp out online gambling

China is again putting pressure on Cambodia to stamp out online gambling in the country, which has continued to thrive despite a 2019 ban.
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Saipan online gambling seen as a non-starter

Saipan’s casino regulator says it wants to hear from potential online gaming investors as it seeks to recoup lost revenue from its failed casino venture, however, industry insiders say they don’t see the island as a viable market.
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PIGOs gaining momentum after a challenging start: Lim

DFNN’s domestic online unit had a slow start, seeking to cope with the rollout of a new product and Covid, but growth is accelerating, CEO Calvin Lim says.

Philippines cockfighting revenue seen outstripping POGOs

The Philippines' online cockfighting sector, known as eSabong, is seeing surging revenue, with the performance outstripping that of offshore gambling operators.
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Suppliers pivot online, exploit built-in advantages

Land-based suppliers have been relatively slow to the digital party, but will likely have some advantages over pure online players as they expand their offering into the space, analysts say.