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Macau raises daily visitor arrival estimates after lifting border limit

The average daily number of visitor arrivals during the Labor Day holiday is expected to be above 70,000, the head of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, indicated on Tuesday.

One the sidelines of an event, the official noted that the daily number of visitors arrivals exceeded 60,000 recently. With the most recent data from last week, nearly 60 percent of hotel rooms have already been booked, and the tourism bureau expects up to 90 percent occupancy during the Labor Day holiday.

Due to improving tourism trends observed recently, Senna Fernandes was asked about the city’s capacity to receive a huge number of visitors in a very short time. She mentioned that the Macau government is preparing to ease the traffic when necessary, suggesting that travelers may consider an off-peak travel strategy. 

Speaking to local media, Wynn Macau’s chief operating officer, Linda Chen, said the occupancy rate of hotels is rising since the easing of major travel restrictions. She stresses that the most important thing is to monitor the whole market and consider if the recovery is constant and the occupancy rate increases continuously.

In addition, with effect from May 1st, Macau’s customs has announced that it will scrap a months-long policy that currently limits border-crossers to one round trip per day through the two busiest immigration crossings between Macau and mainland China.

The Head of Macau Customs Service, Vong Man Chong, said authorities would open new backup traffic lanes at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Border, when necessary, with the total number of lanes available reaching 18. 

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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