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Macau-Hengqin multi-entry package tour visa to start on May 6th

A new multi-entry visa for Chinese nationals on package tours is set to be implemented for travel between Macau and neighboring Hengqin on May 6th, allowing more fluid tourism passage between the regions.

The measure announced by China’s National Immigration Administration on Sunday, implies that mainland Chinese resident participating in the package tours can move between the bordered territories multiple times over a seven-day period.

Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng emphasized that these measures will create more favorable conditions for diversifying the economy, and assured that Macau is ready to welcome an increased number of visitors from Mainland China.

The decision is part of a new set of measures, which also apply to Hong Kong, aimed at fulfilling demands of cross-border businesses and enhance the business climate within the Greater Bay Area.

The set of measures also includes online processing, on a trial basis, of all formalities for the renewal and new issuance of travel documents in Beijing and 19 other cities, an exclusive visa for qualified personnel in six categories from Beijing and Shanghai; intelligent and fast nationwide processing of business visas for Hong Kong and Macau; and issuance of a multiple-entry visa in Macau lasting 1 year for the “other reasons” category.

While Macau has been increasingly trying to draw in foreign visitors, it has also continued its promotions and focus on mainland Chinese clients, focusing primarily on the city’s non-gaming aspect.

Nelson Moura
Nelson Moura
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