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Sportradar’s Alpha Odds increased profits by 15% for operators across UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying matches

Alpha Odds, Sportradar’s AI-driven personalised odds technology, boosted profits for sportsbook operators by an average of 15 percent during the UEFA European Championship Qualifying Matches.

With the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 anticipated to generate more than €62.2 billion in global betting turnover, operators can maximize profits and manage risk by utilizing this product during the quadrennial tournament.

Launched in 2022, Alpha Odds leverages Sportradar’s advanced AI technology to more accurately predict the probability of a game event taking place, enabling operators to manage their risk more effectively. When combined with real-time and predicted liquidity, Alpha Odds allows operators to generate bespoke betting prices in line with their risk exposure and liabilities.

As examples of how Alpha Odds increased profitability for operators during the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers, where one team was heavily favoured, Alpha Odds helped clients manage risk in real-time and continue to accept bets as goals were tallied and the scoreline grew. Additionally, while a conventional odds service would have left operators vulnerable to a matchday of customer friendly results, such as all the favourites winning at home by two or more goals, Alpha Odds’ predictive capabilities enabled instant adjustments, safeguarding sportsbooks against significant losses, as a match unfolded.

Darren Small, Senior Vice President of Managed Trading Services (MTS) at Sportradar said: “The predictive capabilities that Sportradar has developed for Alpha Odds are proving to be a game changer ahead of this summer’s tournament, enabling operators to consistently improve profitability and deliver higher margins across soccer betting.”

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