Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos: risk and opportunity

With many eyes focused on key hotspots such as Macau, Manila and Singapore, not enough attention is given to the growth within Indochina. A panel of experts point out the regulations and opportunities within growth markets such as Cambodia and Vietnam and what changes are happening within junket operations and border casinos as regional opportunities shift.

Key points are outlined by timestamps below:

01:13Daniel Li introduction

01:57Ben Lee introduction

03:08 – State of gambling regulation in Cambodia.

05:01 – Changes to Cambodian gaming legislation.

06:50 – Following the ban on online gambling in Sihanoukville, what is the future?

09:30 – Bay of Lights project financial hub.

10:00 – Sihanoukville online is 50 percent of what it was during the peak.

12:20 – Cambodia is three main markets – (locals) Phnom Penh, Thai border and Vietnam border.

14:00 – Border casinos thrive until other jurisdictions are legalized.

17:10 – Questions on NagaWorld Stage 3, labor issues and questions about the CEO?

20:00 – Thai market.

21:50 – Everybody with a vested interest could get a gambling license in Thailand.

23:10 – Junket operations will also happen in Thailand.

24:45 – Junkets in Vietnam.

26:45 – Junket percentages across different countries.

30:00 – Vietnam gaming is set to grow and evolve, Thailand legislation could cause changes.

35:30 – Myanmar situation.