Monday, October 18, 2021
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Macau mass testing

Golden week a wash, but what’s the impact on Macau’s recovery?

Macau’s latest Covid outbreak has ended any hope for a Golden Week boost to revenue, while the fallout from the government’s pandemic measures may deter visitation for some months to come.

What’s driving change in the Macau visitor profile?

Macau’s hopes for a Golden Week boost have been dashed by another outbreak of Covid, but even if visitors had come, questions remain as to how much they may have spent in the casinos.

Direct supervision of Macau operators could jeopardize 80% of premium mass

The proposed “direct supervision” of Macau casinos from Beijing could see as much as 80 percent of premium mass business vaporised, says Ben Lee, managing partner of iGamiX Management & Consulting. 
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Beijing given chance to reset the table in Macau: Lee

The latest developments in relation to Macau’s gaming concession retendering process has given a chance for Beijing to “reset the table” in respect to the makeup of Chinese vs American casino companies in Macau.

Hengqin plan seeks to force diversification and operators will need to play their part

Beijing has set out its blueprint to diversify Macau's economy through a plan centered on Hengqin, though at present it’s long on vision and short on detail.

Could Macau-HK travel bubble be moving closer to fruition?

Signs are stacking up that Macau and Hong Kong could be moving closer to a travel bubble. Reports indicate that, starting on Thursday, the Golden Bus service running across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is going to be doubling its frequency - from three to six buses daily.
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam offers a tempting road to a new type of gaming within Asia

With Macau’s gaming industry failing to recover as quickly as expected, and ever-increasing oversight from Mainland China, what country within Asia offers the best conditions to be able to develop into something akin to the SAR’s glory days as the world emerges from the pandemic?

Beijing pressure on VIP raises doubt on Macau’s return to pre-pandemic revenue

Macau lawmakers caught on that China's policies will have a direct impact on how Macau runs its gaming/ VIP, and on the revenue the government can expect.
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Macau struggles to respond to local Covid cases, short-term outcome for the industry uncertain

Macau authorities and casino operators are fighting to get on top of the city's outbreak of Covid cases, one which expert Ben Lee calls a "major blow to the industry".

Ben Lee

Ben Lee is the managing partner of IGamiX Management & Consulting based in Macau. He is quietly acknowledged as one of the region’s experts...