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Warning against gambling for Chinese nationals ‘not new,’ says gaming expert


A gaming expert states that the Chinese embassy’s warning to its citizens against gambling overseas is “not new,” as similar warnings were issued several years ago.

During a panel discussion at the 6th ASEAN Gaming Summit, Ben Lee, a gaming industry veteran and managing partner of IGamix Management and Consulting, recalled that China had alerted its citizens many years ago that gambling outside mainland China is illegal.

Asked about the potential impact on the Philippine gaming industry, Ramon Garcia Jr., Executive Chairman and Founder of DFNN, indicated that China’s macroeconomic challenges would be of greater concern than the gambling warnings.

“Just look internally at what’s happening to China. I think that has more impact on them, warning their citizens… Certain industries have started to leave, you’re talking about a global tariff where they’re really looking at supply chains in China. You’re looking at some of the largest real estate companies going bust.”

China’s embassy in Singapore issued a strong advisory to its citizens, urging them to refrain from any form of betting while in the city-state, citing violations of Chinese laws regarding overseas gambling.

The warning issued on Monday coincides with Beijing’s escalated crackdown on Chinese nationals participating in gambling activities across Southeast Asia, a region known for its allure to tourists.

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