Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Tracking a decade of China crackdowns

Despite an ongoing pandemic, China does not appear to be letting up its grip on what it deems as "evils" in society, politics, and its economy.
China, Golden Week

Where did China holiday during Golden Week?

Domestic travel during Golden Week fell short of its expectations this year, partly as a result of an outbreak of Covid-19’s delta strain starting in July, and partly as a result of government policies that have stunted economic growth.
China Crackdown on international travel plans

China crackdowns loom large over international travel plans

As international borders begin to reopen, a key question for the industry in Asia will be whether the preferences of the Chinese outbound traveller have changed.
China, esports, rules

China game restrictions could have upside for esports

There has been a general belief that Mainland China toughened restrictions on underage video gaming could undermine the growth of the fast-growing esports industry, though some experts say otherwise. 

China reiterates ban on crypto mining and transactions

China central bank has reiterated its stance against cryptocurrency, declaring all transactions involving Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as illegal, whilst also vowing to put an end to cryptocurrency mining. 

Direct supervision of Macau operators could jeopardize 80% of premium mass

The proposed “direct supervision” of Macau casinos from Beijing could see as much as 80 percent of premium mass business vaporised, says Ben Lee, managing partner of iGamiX Management & Consulting. 
online gambling

China renews pressure on Cambodia to stamp out online gambling

China is again putting pressure on Cambodia to stamp out online gambling in the country, which has continued to thrive despite a 2019 ban.
hong Kong

HK wants to reopen China border both ways

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam has reportedly asked Beijing for a path to eventually shed travel restrictions between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hotel guest numbers in Macau up 48% in July month-on-month

The number of guests checking in hotels and guesthouses in Macau saw a 48 percent rise in July, compared to June, topping 697,000.

Macau relaxing restrictions on travel from some Mainland Chinese regions

Authorities in Macau are moving to further facilitate visitation from certain provinces of Mainland China as outbreaks within the regions are controlled.