Good morning. Macau is attempting to return to normal, with a push to open up as much as possible ahead of the Chinese New Year holidays. New ferry routes to Hong Kong and mainland China are opening, as the first day of new measures – not requiring entrants from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to be submitted to testing – drew nearly 40k visitors. Also in Macau, the gaming watchdog has extended its transition period for electronic gaming machine standards.

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Macau tries to return to normal ahead of CNY

Macau is opening up its travel avenues to visitors, particularly from China, increasing its ferry schedules and bus routes ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday. On the first day after measures were relaxed, allowing for visitors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to enter without requiring testing, nearly 40,000 visitors entered Macau. The upcoming holidays are predicted to set the tone for visitation over 2023.

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