Friday, September 24, 2021
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SJM believes new gaming concessions to have 10-year term

Management at SJM Holdings told Goldman Sachs that they expect the duration of concessions terms to be around ten years.  SJM management made the comments...

Macau gambling operators give little away in public consultation

Macau gambling operators attended a public consultation session on the proposed draft gambling law, although if they have any concerns they didn’t express them.

Macau mulls concession numbers, to scrap sub-concessions

Macau has released its long-awaited consultation paper on the gaming industry, saying it proposes revising the number of concessions and abandoning the current system of sub-concessions.

Government silent on concession renewals

The Macau government is coming under increasing pressure to announce a delay to the retendering of its casino concessions, as the clock ticks for the city’s six operators with no visibility over the process.
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Macau lawmakers warn over VIP model

Legislators in Macau are warning the government that the changes to Mainland Chinese national security laws may make it impossible to operate VIP rooms, under the current legislation in place in the SAR.