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Macau courts reject Alvin Chau appeal period extension request, report


Macau courts have rejected a request for former Suncity junket boss Alvin Chau to extend his appeal period beyond the currently mandated 20 days.

Chau was charged on Wednesday with over 100 crimes and given an 18-year prison sentence for 104 crimes of illicit gaming, 57 crimes of fraud and one crime of running a gang organization, while being absolved of one count of money laundering and 136 counts of illicit gaming in licensed gaming locales.

TDM Radio Macau reports that Chau’s defense was informed that the request for an extension had been denied by the courts, being left with 20 total days in which to appeal.

The extension request could have granted Chau’s defense another 20 days to prepare its appeal, a move that Chau’s defense has already said it is strongly considering.

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