China and Myanmar’s top officials have once again held high-level meetings in response to cross-border telecom fraud and gambling crimes.

According to reports, the two countries have reached an ‘important consensus’ on combating cross-border telecommunications fraud. They have agreed to enhance communication and information sharing to continuously improve the level of cooperation, as stated by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

The 17th meeting on the implementation of the Agreement on Management and Cooperation in China-Myanmar Border Areas was held in Beijing from Monday to Tuesday. Representatives from diplomatic, defense, commerce, immigration, and other departments, as well as local governments of both countries, attended the meeting.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued a statement on Saturday confirming the repatriation of 24 telecom fraud suspects from Myanmar to China.

Some of these suspects lured victims into investing in fake online platforms, while others deceived Chinese nationals by offering high-paying job opportunities that turn out to be online investment and financial fraud.

China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos have established a coordination center in Chiang Mai for police cooperation in tackling cybercrime gangs. A statement following the meeting mentioned the distress and financial harm caused by telecom and online scams to Chinese citizens.