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China intensifies crackdown on gambling crimes, repatriates 24 criminals in four days


Chinese authorities have demonstrated their determination to crack down on illegal gambling and fraud, following a surge in gambling and telecom scam-related crimes reported across the country.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued a statement on Saturday, confirming the repatriation of 24 telecom fraud suspects from Myanmar to China within a span of just four days.

“The involved parties are committed to intensifying their efforts to combat gambling-related crimes in the region through enhanced cooperation, proactive measures, and professional actions,” the embassy declared.

This development comes shortly after Chen Hai, the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, joined his Thai and Laotian counterparts in releasing a joint statement on August 22nd. The statement emphasized the urgent need for “stronger coordination” to combat scams and “firmly reverse the high incidence of criminal activities.”

In an ongoing effort to address these concerns, representatives from China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos convened in Thailand’s Chiang Mai earlier this month. During the meeting, they launched a specialized joint operation aimed not only at tackling gambling and fraud, but also addressing offenses such as human trafficking, kidnapping, and illegal detention.

The four countries have set up a coordination center in Chiang Mai for police cooperation in tackling cyber crime gangs, a statement following the meeting said, which came after distress and financial harm caused by telecom and online scams to Chinese citizens.

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