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China calls for tougher crackdown on cross-border gambling


Chinese Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong has reiterated the need for a more robust crackdown on cross-border gambling in China.

According to an official news outlet, the minister attended a national teleconference on the fight against cross-border gambling on Tuesday. He emphasized the necessity to intensify efforts, concentrate resources, and strengthen coordination for the crackdown on cross-border gambling.

Wang stressed the importance of keeping up with evolving offenses related to cross-border gambling, focusing on eradicating gambling dens and supply chains, and fully implementing preventive and monitoring measures against cross-border gambling.

He also called for increased support in terms of the law, public opinion, and international law enforcement cooperation to strike cross-border gambling more efficiently.

The nationwide crackdown on cross-border gambling began in 2021, as Chinese authorities criminalized illegal cross-border gambling activities. Meanwhile, despite Macau being a unique Chinese territory where gambling is legal, officials have initiated a campaign against gambling. This ultimately led to the cessation of junkets operating VIP rooms in Macau. The number of licensed junkets has halved to only 18 this year.

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