Cambodia’s National Committee for Counter Trafficking (NCCT) has made a formal request to Indonesian authorities, seeking their expertise and information regarding the identification of illegal online gambling sites.

Chou Bun Eng, a Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Vice-Chairwoman of the NCCT, emphasized that Cambodia does not serve as a sanctuary for unlawful online activities. She noted that the Cambodian government is actively engaged in efforts to address issues such as illegal online gambling, human trafficking, cyber fraud, unlawful confinement, and various other criminal activities.

“If Indonesia or any other nations discover effective strategies for combating illegal online gambling, they should consider sharing their technical expertise or seeking collaboration with Cambodia to strengthen our partnership in addressing criminal activities,” she suggested.

According to the report, the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, highlighted that online gambling servers are situated in Cambodia and the Philippines. Despite uncovering these locations, the Ministry persists in its endeavors to restrict access to gambling-related websites, as they continually change their internet protocol (IP) addresses.

Currently, efforts to combat illicit activities in Indonesia involve the cessation of access to gambling websites and the restriction of bank accounts associated with gambling.

Additionally, the government worked in conjunction with mobile operators to surveil the phone numbers utilized for the promotion of gambling.