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Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: China takes aim at addictive lotteries

Good Morning. Lottery is the target. The Chinese government is closely monitoring the lottery market, banning highly addictive lotteries due to their significant social and sales impact. According to a recent paper, Chinese authorities have implemented new restrictions, with stricter regulations introduced since 2019 targeting various lottery types, as part of efforts to control the market’s negative social effects. Meanwhile, the Philippines’ GGR is expected to grow ‘at least 15 percent’ this year, following the record-breaking year of 2023, Maybank analysts predict. Back in China, the 5-day Labor Day Golden Week ended with a total of 604,395 tourists visiting Macau, about 84% of the number reported for the same period in 2019.

What you need to know

  • A paper notes that China bans addictive lotteries in a regulatory shift, citing the changing stance on lotteries as an income source.
  • Maybank projects that the Philippines’ GGR could grow at least 15% this year, driven by the domestic mass and slots market.
  • China’s 5-day Labor Day Golden Week concluded on Sunday, with a total of 604,395 tourists reported to have visited the Macau SAR.

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China bans highly addictive lotteries – Research

The Chinese government is looking to better monitor the lottery market, prohibiting highly addictive lotteries due to their notable societal and economic ramifications. Authorities have imposed restrictions, adapting their approach as the nation’s social safety net reduces financial reliance. Lotteries, overseen by just two government-regulated concessionaires, are under heightened scrutiny, with an emphasis on responsible gaming and public welfare. Regulatory focus has shifted from institutional mechanisms to product oversight, prioritizing less addictive game formats.

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