Good Morning. Macau. A complex city with complex problems. But some of those can be remedied, note Alidad Tash, Andy Choy and Vitaly Umansky. The experts take a deep dive into everything that the city needs to fix, rethink and retool, as it moves away from COVID and into its new period of progress. In junket news, Levo Chan has been sentenced to 14 years in the city’s latest continuation of the junket crackdown.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Macau Gaming and Non-Gaming

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Macau Gaming and Non-Gaming

Alidad Tash, Andy Choy and Vitaly Umansky take a deep dive into everything Macau, figuring out how the territory can reshape itself into something more diverse, even as it evolves beyond junkets. The experts explore Macau’s major shortcomings, looking at labor, infrastructure and transportation issues, while pondering how the SAR can progress in the future.

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