Foreigner-only casinos Grand Korea Leisure and Paradise Co. both saw strong yearly gains in casino revenue during August, according to their most recent data.

Paradise led in terms of overall revenue, more than double that of GKL, tolling KRW78.36  billion, a monthly increase of 24.5 percent and a yearly rise of 55.3 percent.

This was mostly derived from table revenue, at KRW73.92 billion – up one-quarter month-on-month and by 54.6 percent yearly.

Table drop for Paradise topped KRW571.13 billion, up 7.87 percent yearly and 72.4 percent yearly.

Meanwhile, GKL brought in KRW33.39 billion in casino revenue, up 7.3 percent monthly and 45.8 percent yearly. This was mostly derived from table games – at KRW30.18 billion, up 8.6 percent monthly and 48.4 percent yearly.

Table drop for GKL was up 19.1 percent monthly, to KRW293.33 billion, also a 50.2 percent rise yearly.

January-August period

Cumulative revenues also saw strong yearly increases, with GKL casino revenue up 86.4 percent, to KRW272.55 billion, of which 90.9 percent was from tables – up 90.5 percent yearly.

Walker Hill Paradise
Paradise Walker Hill Casino

Table drop at GKL totaled KRW2.12 trillion, a yearly rise of 107.1 percent.

For Paradise, revenue during the eight-month period toped KRW492.17 billion, up 176 percent yearly, of which 93.8 percent was from tables – up 188.1 percent.

Table drop at Paradise totaled KRW3.94 trillion, a 201.6 percent rise.

Paradise operates casinos at Walker-hill, Jeju, Incheon Paradise City and Busan, while GKL operates the Seven Luck casino (as part of the Korea Tourism Organisation).