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160 Chinese involved in offshore gaming deported from the Philippines

In a collaborative effort between Chinese and Philippine law enforcement agencies, more than 160 Chinese citizens engaged in offshore gaming activities in the Philippines have been deported.

This recent development, as reported by China’s official media CCTV, underscores a significant achievement in the ongoing international cooperation between the two nations. It highlights their shared commitment to combating various criminal activities, including fraud and kidnapping, prevalent within the offshore gaming industry.

China has long maintained a strict stance against gambling, and this collaborative effort signals its unwavering determination to tackle illicit practices even beyond its borders.

According to the report, the Chinese embassy in the Philippines has reiterated its pledge to enhance practical law enforcement cooperation with Philippine authorities. This commitment aims to support the Philippines in effectively addressing the persisting challenges associated with offshore gaming.

The repatriation follows the Embassy of China in the Philippines emphasizing its support for the Philippine Government in addressing the ‘root causes’ of issues stemming from the offshore gambling industry.

In April, the Chinese Embassy noted that it will maintain communication with Philippine law enforcement agencies concerning offenses related to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

At that time, the Embassy of China underscored that ‘gambling in any form is illegal according to Chinese law’ and noted that the Chinese government opposes and cracks down on Chinese nationals engaging in gambling businesses abroad in accordance with the law.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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