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Macau visitor arrivals total 2.6 million in April

Macau’s visitor arrivals during the month of April totaled about 76 percent of those seen in the same month of 2019, topping 2.6 million, a monthly fall of 4.4 percent and a yearly increase of 14.4 percent.

Macau struggles to keep its visitors in the city for more than one day, with same day visitation totaling some 1.35 million – up by 23 percent yearly, while overnight visitors amounted to just 1.25 million, up 6.3 percent yearly.

Macau Visitor Arrivals April 2024

Mainland China contributed some 1.73 million visitors to the SAR during the month, up by 25.3 percent, while those traveling under the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) amounted to 793,351 – down by some 3 percent yearly.

Hong Kong visitation fell by 22 percent yearly, to 581,646, while visitation from Taiwan rose by 120.6 percent yearly, to 73,460.

In relation to 2019, visitation from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan reached 74.2 percent, 83.5 percent and 80 percent, respectively.

Macau Visitor Arrivals April 2024 (vs 2019)

Meanwhile, Macau’s push to increase international visitation appears to be paying off, with visitor numbers rising by 92 percent yearly to 208,297, but still only 68.4 percent of April 2019. Visitors from South Korea totaled nearly 38,000 – about 61 percent of pre-pandemic levels, while those from the Philippines amounted to 35,800 – some 87 percent of the levels seen in April of 2019.

Macau Visitor Arrivals 2024 (YoY)

During the first four months of the year, visitor numbers hit 11.47 million, about 83 percent of the same month in 2019.

Kelsey Wilhelm
Kelsey Wilhelm
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