Paradise Entertainment Limited, through its subsidiary LT Game Limited, has showcased its new gaming technology products at the 2023 MGS, including the new “Street Steel” and “Hulunbuir Grassland” slot games.

LT Game partnered with Street Steel Gallery, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous and stylish heavy metal motorcycles and accessories in the gallery. Combined with distinctive track scenery, they created the eye-catching “Street Steel,” an irresistible car racing-themed slot game.

Another brand-new themed slot game, “Hulunbuir Grassland,” is based on the scenic grasslands of Hulunbuir, which serves as the starting point for many nomadic people in northern mainland China. Through the “Archery Grand Prize Game” and the “Horse Trapping Game,” players can not only experience the atmosphere of the Hulunbuir grasslands but also have the chance to win generous bonuses, offering an unprecedented gaming experience.

Jay Chun, Co-chairman, and Managing Director of Paradise Entertainment, commented, “We are delighted to showcase brand new products at the MGS venue again this year. As a high-tech enterprise, Paradise Entertainment will continue to focus on high-tech investment and research and development, continuously innovating and launching new high-tech products.”