Good Morning. Finally, a step towards normalcy. Macau Chief Executive announcement of the resumption of eVisas and tours from Mailand China, a boon regardless. Flights are also coming back to the MIA – later. For now, we can return home via Hong Kong, which just scratched quarantine requirements. Suncity S1E5, we don’t know him. Solid weekend developments!

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Finally we can talk about returning to normalcy

What you need to know

  • Morgan Stanley argues that even if HK/ China/ Macau quarantines are not removed, the relaxation for Mainland visitors using package tours and IVS could be positive for Macau and boom for stocks – if fully implemented.
  • J.P. Morgan can, finally, talk about a return to normalcy in Macau. The brokerage is optimistic about the resumption of eVisas and tours which in turn will help operators build a positive 4Q22.
  • Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng broke the news on Saturday that Mainland China tours will resume as well as the issuing of IVS eVisas to Macau in a move aimed at boosting Macau’s gaming-dependent economy.

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Major crackdowns reported in Cambodia, Thailand

In a recent crackdown, Police busted major anti-gambling activities across Cambodia and Thailand, arresting more than 550 plus illegal immigrants in Cambodia and 40 suspects in Thailand. Operations to crack illegal gambling activities have been strengthened across the ASEAN region, especially in the geography of the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand. Similar crackdowns on anti-gambling establishments and deporting of illegal immigrants have been reported in Cambodia and Thailand.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Finally we can talk about returning to normalcy

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