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Asia rocketing ahead with vaccinations


The Covid-19 Delta strain has proven that despite strict lockdowns and border closures, it’s near impossible for countries to completely eliminate outbreaks. 

Until now, governments have dealt with the difficult balancing act between a country’s economy and its citizens’ health & safety.

We’re now beginning to see those who have been fervently chasing a “zero-Covid policy”, are working on plans to “live with the virus” instead.

Some have already been well ahead in this regard. The United States has largely opened up its economy – bringing in international visitors, encouraging domestic travel, with eased restrictions. It has a high vaccination rate to support itself. 

Singapore recently announced it would be further easing restrictions and completely open up its borders to international travel. It too has been paired with one of Asia’s highest vaccination rates. 

Our infographic today aims to highlight two points of interest. First, how far Asia has advanced in full vaccination. According to World in Data, Asia’s fully vaccinated population now sits at 1.48 billion.

Much of this is a result of China, with nearly 1 billion people fully vaccinated. However, our infographic shows which countries in Asia are well on their way to herd immunity – Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, and Hong Kong. 

The second point to make is looking at how tightly restricted countries across the world are. The index, sourced from World in Data, shows that much of Asia is still employing “highly strict” Covid-19 measures. 

The Stringency Index is based on nine response indicators including school closures, cancellation of public events, restrictions on public gatherings, closure of public transport, stay-at-home requirements, public information campaigns, restrictions on internal movements, and travel bans. Note that the index does not take into account the effectiveness of these measures. 

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Felix Ng
Felix Ng
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