Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Gillian Murphy, Executive Vice President of Hoiana Resort & Golf targets ambitious development in Vietnam

With just 90 hectares of a 1,000-hectare property currently in use, Hoiana Resort & Golf has an ambitious plan for how high to set the bar in Vietnam. The integrated resort has dialed in on VIP and premium mass, with its golf offering a primary driver.

Let’s Win Group club officially opens at Hoiana Resort & Golf

Hoiana Resort & Golf has officially opened its Let’s Win Group club at the property, marking a new era for the property. The official opening was held on Saturday, with more than 500 industry representatives and VIPs in attendance.

Let’s Win Club to celebrate Grand Opening at Hoiana Resort & Golf on March 24th

Let’s Win Club at Hoiana Resort & Golf is going to be holding its Grand Opening on March 24th, officially opening the new venue which saw a soft opening in February of 2022.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Chen Si: Junkets still in play for INSPIRE Entertainment Resort

INSPIRE. That's exactly what the newly promoted President of Mohegan's ambitious multi-billion dollar resort in Incheon hopes to do. With a strong focus on VIP, despite China's crackdown, Chen Si says the group will be mainly reliant on non-gaming, hoping to leverage its experience in the US to create a "kimchi taco" experience.

Hoiana’s recovery is underway, with the Vietnam-based IR receiving 69,000 visitors in 1H23.

Hoiana Resort & Golf is well on its way to a remarkable recovery from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of hotel guests and casino visitors at Hoiana experienced a significant surge, going from a mere 5,000 in 2020 to an astounding 51,000 in 2022 and an even more impressive 69,000 in 1H23.

LET Group sees Hoiana EBITDA burst Tigre de Cristal’s bubble

The LET Group has announced a swing to profit, registering some HK$584.65 million ($74.51 million) during the first half-year, on the back of revenue of just HK$190.91 million ($24.33 million), just a 0.3 percent yearly increase.

Dennis Hudson, Senior Director for Table Games at Newport World Resorts: exciting times ahead

Exciting times ahead for the Philippines, as punters return with, and are welcomed by, a smile. Dennis Hudson, Senior Director for Table Games at Newport World Resorts [...] says that by the third quarter the property should be seeing 2019 figures and grow even more beyond that.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Hoiana aims to outshine competition, targeting VIPs

Hoiana Resort & Golf is aiming for a hole-in-one with its property, focusing on VIP and premium mass as it dials in mainly on Korean visitors, its Executive Vice President says.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Micro-influencers promote Hoiana brand

Hoiana has had a bumpy launch, holding its soft opening in the middle of the pandemic.

Micro-influencers gain prominence in Hoiana brand marketing

Vietnam’s Hoiana resort, whose grand opening has been pushed back due to the pandemic, is finally welcoming tourists again and Chief Marketing Officer Jit Ng sees strong potential in the country’s tourism market once restrictions are fully lifted.