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Century Entertainment enters into agreement to operate 7 VIP tables at Dara Sakor

HK listed Century Entertainment has announced the signing of a new deal that sees the company operate a VIP gaming room at a casino in Dara Sakor, Cambodia.

Century Entertainment appoints new non-executive director

Century Entertainment appoints Lester Yuen Sing Wai as an independent non-executive director, effective from February 1st.

Century Entertainment terminates the agreement for business rights to gaming tables in Cambodia

Hong Kong-listed Century Entertainment International Holdings Ltd has announced the termination of its Cambodian gaming table acquisition deal. The subsidiaries failed to fulfill the conditions by December 31st of 2023.

Century Entertainment’s gaming table acquisition pending

Cambodian table games operator Century Entertainment reveals that its acquisition of eight gaming table businesses in a casino in Dara Sakor is pending.

Century Entertainment’s Chairman continues to bankroll operations as Cambodia casino stalled

Cambodian gaming operator, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed company, Century Entertainment is aiming to have a disclaimer over its financial condition removed, as it assures that financial assistance from its Chairman Ng Man Sun can keep the company afloat.

Century Entertainment issues $4.1 million convertible bond

Gaming investor Century Entertainment International has sold HK$32 million ($4.1 million) worth of a convertible bond to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ng Man Sun.

Century Entertainment FY23 loss widens to $8.04 million

Cambodian table games operator Century Entertainment has issued a profit warning, advising that it expects to record a loss of HK$63 million ($8.04 million) for the year ended 31 March 2023.

Century Entertainment backpedals, says Chinese punters are ‘not major patrons’

Cambodian table games operator Century Entertainment has backpedaled on a previous statement noting that Chinese customers will be its major punters, announcing on Tuesday that ‘based on the historical operating results of the New Gaming Table Business since November 2022, PRC customers are not the New Gaming Table Business’ major patrons’.

Century Entertainment signs 5-year deal for eight gaming tables in casino in Dara Sakor, Cambodia

Cambodian table games operator Century Entertainment says that it has signed a new five-year agreement to operate eight gaming tables at its casino in the country.

Century Entertainment hoping Cambodia mass tables to reopen in December

Cambodian table games operator Century Entertainment has recorded no revenue for the six-month period ended September 30th, while racking up HK$5.84 million ($747,000) in debt during the period.