Monday, October 18, 2021
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Play’n GO, Sparky & Shortz

Play’n GO’s latest release are “Sparky & Shortz”

Will robots Sparky & Shortz save the planet Alpha Labori? Find out in Play’n GO’s latest release.
Play’n GO, Muerto en Mictlán

Play’n GO takes players to the Aztec afterworld of Mictlán

Play’n GO transport you to the colorful Aztec afterworld of Mictlán with their latest release, Muerto en Mictlán.

Play’n GO releases third installment in Charlie Chance slot series

The third installment to this successful Play'n GO series sees Charlie in the realms of Ancient Egypt. When exploring the labyrinth of tunnels, Charlie takes a wrong turn and stumbles upon the resting place of one of the most famous pharaohs herself, Cleopatra.
Play'n GO

Play’n GO: Tis the season to be thrilled

Love it or hate it, Halloween has arguably become one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. Why? It's the one day where you can dress up as your favourite character, and you won't hear boo (well, you might).
Ghost of Dead, Dead Series, Play'n GO

Play’n GO awaken Akh as the Dead Series continues

Fans of the Dead Series are in for a treat with Play’n GO latest release, Ghost of Dead.
Dr Toonz, Play'n GO, latest release

Play’n GO reveals their latest release, Dr Toonz

Before Reactoonz and Gargatoonz, there was Dr Toonz. Once a highly respected scientist, Dr Toonz risked his reputation to pursue his belief that life forms could be created in new and wonderful ways.
Play'n GO

Play’n GO: Back? We never left!

Now that the rules are a little clearer and things are heading back to normal(ish), we’ve got plenty of events on the horizon.

Play’n GO: Motivated to bring players more

Let’s face it. It’s been an odd couple of years, and the need for entertainment is more important than ever. That’s where we come in. In our mission to become the best gaming entertainment supplier there is, delivering the highest quality of products and services and innovating industry-leading features are at the forefront of everything we do.