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SIRAYA Technologies leverages CDNetworks’ enhanced global infrastructure to boost UEFA EURO 2024

As the anticipation for UEFA EURO 2024 reaches a fever pitch, SIRAYA Technologies leverages CDNetworks’ enhanced global infrastructure to accelerate and secure user experiences for this major football tournament.

CDNetworks, the Global-leading Network to deliver Edge as a Service, announces its strategic expansion across Latin America and Southeast Asia. With a notable presence in these critical regions, CDNetworks is uniquely positioned to deliver unparalleled digital experiences during one of the world’s most-watched sporting events.

Boosting iGaming: Network Expansion in Latin America & Southeast Asia

In recent years, CDNetworks has cemented its presence with 50 Points of Presence (PoPs) across key countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, among others. This robust network infrastructure is set for further expansion, with plans to build an additional 25 PoPs throughout the region.

The expansion is supported by nearly 40 partnerships with major ISPs such as Claro, Telefónica, Telecom Argentina, Megacable, Bitel, Mundo, TIM, Vtal, and UFINET, positioning CDNetworks as one of the few edge service providers capable of establishing a comprehensive array of its own PoPs in Latin America.

Moving to Southeast Asia, CDNetworks is set to enhance its network capability significantly by adding over 55 new PoPs in Southeast Asia alone. This ambitious expansion aims to enhance CDNetworks’ network capacity by multiple Tbps, substantially increasing and securing 100% network coverage. Recognized for its unparalleled CDN performance in Asia, CDNetworks enhances the region’s connectivity and security, which are crucial for real-time iGaming platforms that demand surge traffic management and superior user experience.

Yien Wu, Head of Sales, SSEA at CDNetworks, underscores the strategic importance of these expansions: “High-profile events like the UEFA EURO 2024 generate significant traffic, demanding an infrastructure that’s both resilient and high-performing. Our continuous efforts to expand and optimize our network underscore our dedication to providing the iGaming industry with the required reliability and security.”

Further Enhancing iGaming Security with Local Scrubbing Centers

UEFA Euro 2024. CDnetworks, SIRAYA Technologies

In anticipation of the UEFA EURO 2024, a high-profile event that draws significant online traffic, CDNetworks is intensifying its cybersecurity measures by setting up local scrubbing centers in Brazil, Chile, and Peru. These strategically placed centers are crucial in safeguarding iGaming platforms from the increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks expected during such major sporting occasions, ensuring these platforms remain both secure and fully operational.

With a formidable array of over 20 global DDoS scrubbing centers and a total scrubbing capacity exceeding 15+ Tbps, CDNetworks offers comprehensive protection. This extensive network is specifically designed to uphold the integrity and continuity of online gaming services, particularly during events like the UEFA EURO 2024 that attract massive global attention.

This proactive approach reinforces the security perimeter around iGaming infrastructures and underscores CDNetworks’ commitment to providing a safe, uninterrupted gaming experience amidst the heightened excitement of major sports events.

Case Study: Shielding an Online iGaming Giant

CDNetworks’ commitment to the iGaming industry is further evidenced by its successful partnership with a leading online iGaming platform, which benefited from the company’s Flood Shield solution. This partnership is a testament to CDNetworks’ adeptness at navigating and neutralizing cybersecurity threats facing the iGaming industry.

Facing recurrent network layer DDoS disruptions that risked diminishing its player base, the platform was searching for a robust solution beyond what its cloud provider could offer. CDNetworks stepped in with its custom Flood Shield (Anycast Solution + PoP IP access) to enhance protection and maintain performance.

This solution allowed for the redirection of traffic directly to CDNetworks’ scrubbing centers, linking one game server to one scrubbing center IP. This simplified the network while boosting security and performance. The deployment of Flood Shield provided a strong defense against L3/L4 DDoS attacks, supported by CDNetworks’ extensive scrubbing capacity.

The benefits of partnering with CDNetworks were multifold:

  • Minimal changes to the existing network setup, requiring only a single IP change to activate comprehensive DDoS mitigation.
  • The ability to mitigate complex DDoS attacks across both TCP and UDP protocols, safeguarding critical gaming ports and infrastructure.
  • Enhanced client access experience due to strategically located scrubbing centres within the regions of operation.

This partnership with CDNetworks led to uninterrupted service for the iGaming platform even during peak usage times, ensuring consistent gameplay for millions of users worldwide and solidifying the company’s reputation as a reliable online iGaming destination.

Preparing for the Thrill of UEFA EURO 2024

As excitement for UEFA EURO 2024 mounts, CDNetworks is ready to support the influx of online traffic with its advanced network and cybersecurity solutions. The company invites iGaming providers to leverage its state-of-the-art CDN and cybersecurity technology for a seamless and secure betting experience during the tournament and beyond. For more information on how CDNetworks can support your platform during UEFA EURO 2024, please visit https://bit.ly/3QmZDzx.


About CDNetworks

As the APAC-leading network with over 2,800 global Points of Presence and more than 20 years of technology experience, CDNetworks embraces the new era of Edge and takes it to the next level by using the Edge as a service to deliver the fastest and most secure digital experiences to end users. Our diverse products and services include web performance, media delivery, cloud security, zero trust security, and colocation services, all of which are uniquely designed to spur business innovation. To learn more, visit cdnetworks.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

SIRAYA Technologies leverages CDNetworks' enhanced global infrastructure to boost UEFA EURO 2024

About SIRAYA Technologies

SIRAYA Technologies is headquartered in Taiwan, and R&D and business teams are located in Singapore, Vietnam, and Philippines. SIRAYA is the only sales agency in Taiwan for CDNetworks, a global leading CDN and DDoS solutions provider, to offer comprehensive technical support and solutions to all network performance, security, cloud migration, and edge computing concerns.

With more than 15 years of cross-border business technical services and experience, we have been committed to providing secure, reliable, efficient and low-latency CDN services to customers around the world. Through 24/7 technical support and consulting, MNC and SMB ensure the stability and reliability of IT infrastructure, using our services to improve security and web performance for operations, decreasing operating costs. To learn more, please visit sirayatech.com or LinkedIn.

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