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Singapore gaming authority hires creative agency to help clarify ‘misconceptions’

The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) of Singapore has officially named AKIN as its creative agency for social media initiatives, as part of efforts to ‘clarify gambling regulations and correct common misconceptions’.

This appointment follows a pitch process initiated in January of 2024, with the GRA describing it as ‘a pivotal moment’ in its strategy to enhance its digital communications, increasing the public awareness and visibility of its role and brand.

‘Over the next two years, with a potential extension for an additional year, AKIN will manage a diverse range of creative and content responsibilities. These efforts are focused on effectively communicating GRA’s key messages and engaging with the public in a meaningful way,’ the regulatory body pointed out.

According to the Singapore gaming authority, AKIN’s strategy will involve humanizing the GRA brand by emphasizing the relatable aspects of its work and fostering public connection and engagement.

The content will revolve around three main themes: educational material, human interest stories, and timely updates.

Educational content will clarify gambling regulations and correct common misconceptions, enhancing public understanding and knowledge, with regular updates to keep stakeholders and the public informed about developments in the gambling regulatory landscape.

The GRA was founded in 2022 after a gambling legislation overhaul that saw the enactment of a new Gambling Control Act and the replacement of the previous watchdog, the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA).

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