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WDTS: Driving convergence

With gaming floor closures, social distancing requirements, and travel restrictions in mind, land-based operators and suppliers are seeking ways to ensure and protect casino revenue streams.

Online gaming, while naturally immune to the vulnerabilities of the pandemic-sensitive live floor, is several steps removed from the live table games player experience and doesn’t leverage existing casino infrastructure.

To bridge that gap, WDTS is working with JADE Entertainment to deliver the branded land-based casino experience on JADE’s PIGO-approved online gaming platform.

The WDTS Perfect Pay platform tracks all aspects of live table games play including cards pulled, bets placed, and dealer actions.
The platform is configured with game rules, bet limits, bet types, payout odds, and error tracking. In a live gaming environment, this translates into fast, error-free game play and automated bet tracking.

Now, the same live game can be simultaneously offered on Jade Entertainment’s online platform.

Emily Io, SVP of Sales, WDTS

Emily Io believes this is part of a larger progression enabled by technology, “Platform flexibility creates new revenue opportunities and unique customer experiences from a live table game to hand-held devices, gaming lounges, or as we are developing with JADE, extending game content from the casino floor to players in remote locations.”

The latest Perfect Pay 2.0 offering can be implemented as a single table without additional networking or integration. Each Perfect Pay table requires only a power connection.

Along with ease of implementation comes novel side bets including Baccarat Insurance and Baccarat Raise, only available on the Perfect Pay platform and designed to increase player excitement while raising baccarat’s low house edge.

Joe Pisano, CEO, Jade Entertainment
Joe Pisano, CEO, Jade Entertainment

Joe Pisano, CEO of JADE Entertainment, notes that his group will be able to offer WDTS’ proprietary table game content in the Philippines not only for brick-and-mortar properties but also via a remote game server for PIGO operators so that remote players will be able to enjoy the many Perfect Pay Baccarat variant.

“Because the WDTS Perfect Pay table is available as a single self-contained unit, Jade entertainment is excited to start demonstrating the product not only in the Philippines but other Asian countries. WDTS has also released a new pricing model with no upfront costs on a fee per day basis inclusive of hardware, software license, service, and support.”

AGBrief Editorial
AGBrief Editorial
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