Technology to drive meaningful customer interaction on the gaming floor

The drive to implement new technologies alongside Big data management will provide for more meaningful interaction between the Casino IR property staff and an empowered customer, industry stakeholders at ASEAN 2022 shared.

The discussion panel included insights from global manufacturers Light & Wonder – Ken Jolly and Aristocrat – Lloyd Robson, Data and Marketing provider TraffGen Global – Andy Caras-Altas, gaming retail operator GMJ – Takeki Furukubo, and was moderated by industry insider Tim Shepherd at Fortuna Investments.

The ability to connect the IR customers to out-of-property assets and the integration of innovative and potentially disruptive technology to the gaming floor were some of the topics debated. The metaverse also made an appearance, as the perfect extension for a IR, at some point down the track. The coverage is tagged for your ease of reference.

  • 00:15 – Attracting the serial and casual player
  • 04:36 – Promotional tech driving the industry
  • 09:52 – The human touch, Staff & Data
  • 15:36 – Connect to out-of-property assets
  • 20:58 – IRs perfect for Metaverse extension
  • 28:49 – Disruptive technology
  • 31:48 – Greater need for the personal touch
  • 37:10 – Empowering a full customer experience

This is the fourth of an ASEAN 2022 series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in person event in Manila. Tune in next week for more!