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Macau gov’t maintains junket cap at 50 licensees in 2025

The Macau government has decided to keep the cap on licensed gaming promoters (junkets) at 50 for the year 2025, according to information from the city’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ).

This decision maintains the current maximum number of permitted junkets in the Macau casino market, however less than half of the permitted quota is currently being utilized, as the industry has seen an 85 percent decline over the past decade.

As of June 11, Macau had only 22 licensed junket operators.

Macau’s current gaming law framework requires a cap on the number of junkets that each of the city’s six casino operators can work with. This cap varies from operator to operator, at the discretion of the Secretary for Economy and Finance.

According to Macau upgraded regulations, each junket licensee is required to provide a guarantee of MOP1.5 million ($186,000), with the highest junket commission rate being capped at 1.25 percent of the total net rolling amount. The minimum corporate capital required is MOP10 million ($1.24 million).

In the previous year, 235 junket operators had registered to operate under licenses in Macau, collectively contributing around 60 percent of the casino revenues.

The SAR’s Legislative Assembly 2nd Standing Committee is currently analyzing a proposed law on granting credit for gaming. The new version of the proposed law provides that gambling promoters will no longer be eligible to grant credit in casinos, contrary to current practice.

Nelson Moura
Nelson Moura
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