Macau, Junkets

The Macau government is expecting to collect only MOP43 million in tax on commission from casino junkets in 2022, after the crackdown on Suncity boss Alvin Chau in December and the pulling out of several concessionaires from the junket game. 

The figure is around 79.5 percent lower than what it had expected tax revenue from casino junkets to be in 2021, which was around MOP 210 million, though the actual figure at the end of the year was closer to MOP66.5 million, according to the Financial Services Bureau. 

On December 7, 2021, analysts from Morgan Stanley noted that the fall of junkets will impact Macau government’s coffers much more than the concessionaires’ EBITDA, with VIP contributing to $89 billion of tax for the Macau government in the last 15 years.