Sunday, June 16, 2024

Playson introduces Hold for Spin: a slot-changer user experience


Leading the charge in digital entertainment innovations, Playson announces the unveiling of its latest feature, Hold for Spin. Designed to empower players with enhanced control and faster gameplay, this addition marks a new era in slots experience.

The novel feature springs to life when players maintain pressure on the spin button, reminiscent of the autoplay mode. Upon release, the gameplay reverts to its original pace. This dynamic allows players to be in the driver’s seat, determining when to accelerate or decelerate the game, especially when specific game events unfold. Notably, it gives players the chance to swiftly access the game’s primary features, essentially reducing the spin’s pace leading to bonus mode activation.

The new feature is already available within Playson’s most recent game releases across a variety of regulated markets, and initial data demonstrates the positive effect the functionality is having on driving increased engagement.

Playson committed to introducing Hold for Spin to all upcoming game releases. Additionally, the company is enhancing its existing top game portfolio with this innovative functionality, making it available in eligible markets.

Nataliia Shkarbanova, PO at Playson, said: “Hold for Spin is not just a feature; it’s one of the key steps to refine the Playson experience. Catering to the needs of players who seek more control over the gameplay, we’ve developed a responsible solution that aligns with their preferences.

“From an operator’s standpoint, the rise in wager amounts and bet sizes due to Turbo Spin is lucrative, even if these sessions are briefer. Playson’s commitment to adapting to market shifts is evident with this launch, and we remain optimistic about its performance in the forthcoming months.”


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