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Euro 2024 sees 125% surge in Asian bookings: Trip.com

Sports tourism is soaring from the Asian market for the UEFA Euro 2024, with a corresponding surge in sports betting activity.

According to the Chinese online travel agency giant Trip.com Group, bookings from Asian travelers heading to Germany increased by 125 percent.

This surge is spearheaded by Chinese tourists, showcasing a 132 percent increase as they flock to experience Europe’s rich football culture and vibrant city life.

Trip.com’s data underscores a robust trend in sports tourism, particularly from Asia, emphasizing an escalating enthusiasm for both football and international travel.

Fans from countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and various Southeast Asian countries are planning to visit Germany this summer. Key cities like Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne are top destinations, with Frankfurt leading in booking volumes.

This influx of visitors is expected to inject significant revenue into Germany’s local economy, particularly benefiting the hospitality and service sectors.

Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, the authorities in Hong Kong issued a warning regarding a surge in illegal football betting ahead of the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship, which also shows the emerging demand for sports-related betting linked to the event.

Authorities cite the rapid expansion of online platforms, making it easier for punters to place wagers, drawing from their experience in 2022 during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where 6,781 individuals were arrested, including 607 cases of serious gambling – the highest numbers in five years. This suggests that major international sporting events have become a hub for both gamblers and bookmakers.

At the same time, Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society (MDES) Ministry has formed a dedicated task force to combat illegal online betting in anticipation of the upcoming Euro 2024.

As reported by local media outlet The Nation, this crackdown comes in response to research conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, revealing that approximately THB67 billion ($1.82 billion) is expected to be wagered on the tournament over its month-long span.

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