JCM Fuzion

The FUZION system from JCM Global (JCM) continues to evolve and now has an even greater and more positive impact on real-time peripheral management, boosting the efficiency, security, and profitability of casino operations.

FUZION is a network connection to JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and to JCM’s GEN5 printer, giving casinos real-time connection and real-time data from both devices. Its API (application program interface) allows third party applications to securely interface with FUZION technology to bring advanced analytics, marketing, and security capabilities to your gaming floor.

With FUZION, casinos can proactively manage casino floor operations with features like predictive emergency drops and printer paper fills, automated firmware upgrades, drop and count room management, AML alerts, enhanced security capabilities with transaction image captures, and real-time performance monitoring of all the peripheral devices on the casino floor.

FUZION monitors the contents of each drop box on the casino floor preventing machine downtime. This allows the drop team to pinpoint which cash boxes to collect. FUZION tracks cash box capacity note by note, eliminating wasted time dropping empty or near-empty cash boxes. This process also keeps the most popular games active during busy times and allows the slot team to focus on tasks other than executing emergency drops.

Based on direct customer feedback, most notably from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento where JCM completed its first floor-wide installation and launch of FUZION, JCM engineers have updated FUZION with easier ways to analyze and use data to increase operational efficiencies for a variety of casino departments.