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Macau and Singapore among the most popular destinations for Chinese outbound travel

According to the latest research from China’s online travel agency giant, Ctrip platform, Macau and Singapore, the two famous Asian gaming hubs, are among the most popular destinations for Chinese outbound travel during the Dragon Boat Festival break. In addition, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Tokyo were also listed as the most popular destinations for Chinese travelers.

The research was released on Monday, noting the primary groups engaged in outbound travel from Mainland China were individuals born in the post-80s (37 percent) and post-90s (36 percent) generations who preferred leisurely holidays. The average spending of the two groups reaches RMB 2,981 ($415) per hotel booking.

Outbound booking for Dragon Boat break increased more than 12 times year-over-year in Ctrip platform. And the research team finds that the average cost of outbound travel reduced for a one-way air ticket by 6 percent, compared to the May Day holiday.

“Most millennials opted for destinations based on proximity, visa, and flight convenience, with many selecting routes within a three-hour flight time. Shanghai-Osaka, Shanghai-Jeju Island, Beijing-Seoul, and Beijing-Tokyo were among the most popular outbound routes.”

The Dragon Boat Festival is a brief national holiday in the Chinese mainland, prompting many individuals to spend less time traveling domestically and more time relishing their vacation through various activities.

The survey also discovers some changes in the domestic travel market, pointing out that the price of domestic hotels per night decreased compared to the May Day holiday Xi’an, famously known for the Terracotta warriors, saw hotel prices fall by 29 percent, compared to May, with Nanjing and Guangzhou hotel prices down 22 percent and 19 percent, respectively.

Booking boom for summer vacations

Dragon Boat Festival is the last short holiday before summer. Ctrip platform, owned by travel service provider Trip.com Group notes that its data shows a growing trend for summer vacations, with search data rising 50 percent from the previous year.

“Ctrip has seen a surge in orders for parent-child tours, making up over 30 percent of all summer bookings and more than seven times compared to last year.”

“With growing supply capacity, it is clear that Chinese travelers have newfound confidence, with many families welcoming in trips this summer season and a positive indication of travel recovery.”

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