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China Ecotourism secures sports lottery terminal contracts for Guizhou and Guangxi

Guangzhou Lottnal Terminal Company Limited, a subsidiary of China Ecotourism Group Limited, has secured significant contracts for sports lottery terminal procurement projects in Guizhou and Guangxi provinces.

China Ecotourism Group Ltd is an investment holding company principally engaged in the provision of core technology and operation services for China’s public welfare lotteries, terminal equipment, and gaming products.

In a stock exchange filing issued in Hong Kong, the group indicates that the deal positions it as the ‘industry leader in China for 2024’ having won the highest number of China sports lottery terminal procurement projects.

Looking ahead, China Ecotourism Group said it aims to further advance the lottery industry through ‘continued innovation’.

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Since 2020 China Ecotourism Group Ltd, which was formerly known as China LotSynergy,  has expanded its business operations into ecotourism and natural and health food operations.

Last month, the Hong Kong Securities regulator initiated a disciplinary action against China Ecotourism Group and seven of its executives. According to a statement issued, the Stock Exchange criticized the company for making statements to some executives that harmed the rights and interests of investors.

In China, lottery operations are authorized and issued by the state, with the proceeds used as public welfare funds.

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