Australia-based Jumbo Interactive has announced that it has extended its lottery agreement with Western Australia’s state-owned Lotterywest for four years, effective from November.

The new software license agreement entitles Jumbo to 8 percent of gross ticket sales of up to AU$35 million ($22.3 million), rising to 9 percent if the figures rise further.

The agreement also includes ‘the extension of a jointly funded marketing program’.

Speaking of the extension, Jumbo CEO Mike Veverka noted that he is “delighted that Lotterywest has entrusted Jumbo and our PBJ software platform to help optimize returns to the community in Western Australia. Annual ticket sales have grown from AU$30 million ($19.14 million) in FY2021 to $38 million ($24.24 million) in FY2023, due to improvements in the software platform and marketing efforts. Our teams have worked extremely well together over the past two and half years and we are very excited about the next phase of our growing partnership”.

Lotterwest’s CEO, Ralph Addis noted that the “relationship with Jumbo has proved to be a great way to meet the needs of our customers, by combining the respective strengths of Lotterywest and Jumbo. The success we’re seeing in customer experience and engagement is testament to the excellent teamwork and innovation across our teams, and a great basis for future development.”

Loterrywest contributed some AU$38 million ($24.24 million) in total ticket sales to Jumbo’s SaaS (Software as a Service) segment in FY23.