Good morning. South Korea’s foreigner-only casino sector is struggling after almost two years of no tourists, with properties on Jeju island now at crisis point. Authorities are discussing options to help the sector and preserve jobs, including a proposal to allow South Koreans from other areas of the country to play in the casinos, Felix Lee, a senior associate with IGamiX Management & Consulting tells us. 

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  • Macau’s gaming market won’t see a full recovery until at least 2023 and may potentially take until 2025 to rebound, suppliers said. 
  • Macau’s gaming operators continue to be optimistic about Macau’s medium and long-term future but have highlighted cost control, maintaining staff, and Macau’s low vaccination rates as near-term challenges. 
  • Asia’s operators are likely to be competing for South Korean tourists in the likely absence of Chinese travelers in the next few years, says Lloyd Robson, Aristocrat’s general manager, Asia.
  • Public policy in Macau is too rigid and as a result, the city’s giant gaming industry is lagging in innovation, said Wang Changbin, director of the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies.
  • Aristocrat Leisure said it saw an 81 percent increase in net profit after tax for the year ended Sept 30, 2021, on strong ANZ and North American performance.

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Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Jeju mulls local gambling to ease foreigner-only casino crisis

Jeju mulls local gambling to ease foreigner-only casino crisis

South Korea’s foreigner-only casino industry has been hit hard by the Covid crisis and authorities are struggling to find solutions to help, including a potential limited opening to locals playing on Jeju island.  Felix Lee, the Korea-based senior associate at IGamiX Management & Consulting, said a comprehensive plan for casinos on Jeju Island, which is being reviewed by the government, reportedly includes a proposal that would allow Korean tourists from elsewhere on the peninsula into the casinos. However, it would not permit island locals to gamble.

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