Good morning. Finally a fresh contender in the market, Thailand is making its moves to push ahead casino legislation to advance not only bricks and mortar but also online gaming moves in the territory. Meanwhile, the Philippines has been given an extension on its non-compliance with the international anti-money laundering watchdog as it aims to get off the gray list. And in Macau, the former number two junket fights with the court over alleged under-the-table betting.

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What you need to know

  • Thailand is debating the feasibility of casinos in the country today, for both foreigners and locals, as debates rage over where they should be placed.
  • The Philippines is fighting to get itself off the international anti-money laundering dog’s watchlist, being given a year’s extension to comply.
  • Macau’s former second junket operator Tak Chun continues its battles in court, with the judge demanding answers from a former top exec.

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Thailand, Chao Phraya River

Thailand studying feasibility of casinos today

Thailand is finally moving forward with its push to legalize casinos, as a top committee proposes Bangkok, the Eastern Economic Corridor and 22 other jurisdictions as possible locations for new casinos. The proposal also includes online gaming, sports betting and more options which, if approved, will be forwarded straight to the government for review.

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