Good Morning. Evolve or die. While such an extreme may not be true for Thailand, regional competition is proving that it can either face the realities of being a casino nation or continue to bleed out revenue to neighboring regions. An expert says a desire to emulate regional success in Singapore and the Philippines could be a meal ticket. Meanwhile, in Macau, Golden Week brought its typical shine, with premium mass performing strongly compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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Thailand, Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s gambling industry: A missed opportunity for economic growth?

Nation to be “left behind” by rivals unless it embraces gaming

An expert says that Thailand runs the risk of being “left behind by its neighbors” unless it embraces gaming in the country. While initial talks boded well for Thailand to progress with not only casino gambling, but also online gaming and sports betting, efforts appear to have slowed. Spectrum Gaming Group’s CEO points out some of the challenges and advantages for the country to push forward with a drive that could prove highly beneficial economically.

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Evolution unveils innovative Prosperity Tree Baccarat game

Evolution, Prosperity Tree Baccarat, asia gaming ebrief

Evolution, a prominent iGaming B2B solution provider, has announced the release of a groundbreaking game Prosperity Tree Baccarat, recreating the classic Baccarat play with a fresh and engaging twist.

All you need to know about 1xBet affiliate program

1xBet, 1xBet Partners, 1xBet affiliate program, asia gaming ebrief

1xBet was founded in 2007 and started accepting bets online in 2010. Over the years, 1xBet has become a key player in the sports betting industry and is now one of the top three most visited betting websites.

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